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Construction Management

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Construction Management vs. Conventional Building

Almost every construction project is riddled with challenges from daily logistics to unforeseen conditions.  Navigating these issues can be stressful and costly to the budget and schedule.  According to industry data, a staggering number of projects start out over budget and can run over by 80% when complete.  There has to be a better way. This is where a trusted construction management team can be key.  
Most construction projects start with the owner seeking out a design team i.e. architect, engineer, and interior designer.  That design team then develops a set of construction drawings which they will send out to various general contractors to bid.  The problem with this is the turn over time from the design team to the building team.  Construction projects are dynamic with a significant amount of moving parts.  The only way to truly understand the design intent is by spending time with it.  So how does this get implemented into real world applications?
This is what the construction management process can look like.  First, the owner contacts the design team but in parallel they also hire a trusted builder or general contractor.  The design team begins working on a schematic set of drawings just as they would in any other contract situation, but this time the general contractor (or construction manager) is helping to facilitate this process.  The construction management team is able to work with the design team to add suggestions on ease of installation of assemblies, general budget inquiries and schedule impacts of the same.  This process is repeated through the design steps until the production of final permit drawings.  Now, the owner is going into the project with an extremely solid knowledge of schedule, budget, and project team.  The questions are eliminated and the gray areas are made black and white.  See our video for more information or feel free to reach out to us at any point for a better understanding of how the construction management process can benefit you.  
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